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3 Lesser-Known (but major) Benefits of Renter's Insurance
Moving into a new apartment, or getting your first apartment? Renter's insurance is often required by landlords, as landlord insurance will only cover damage to the structure of the building. Many don't realize just how beneficial renter's insurance is, though - and maybe even fail to utilize their insurance in situations that are covered.

Here are just a few:
Coverage for theft of belongings.

Most renters understand that their insurance covers the estimated value of their personal belongings (a huge value in itself), but few realize that some types of insurance actually provide coverage for items that are off the premises. If you bring your ski gear on a trip and it's stolen while you're traveling, renter's insurance may cover the cost. For city-dwellers especially, burglaries are a real threat - and renter's insurance covers the cost to replace any stolen items.

Few realize that some types of insurance actually provide coverage for items that are off the premises.
Coverage for difficulties associated with natural disasters.

Renter's insurance may come in handy in the event of a tornado, hurricane, or other natural disaster. If the circumstances result in displacement for the individual in the apartment, insurance often covers the cost of a hotel or other accommodation while repairs are made.

Protection from dryer fires.

If a dryer fire occurs in your apartment, most renter's insurance policies cover the costs of replacing any damaged items, the cost of the new appliance, and often any damages to the apartment interior as well.
As one of the most affordable, straight-forward insurance policies you can find, renter's insurance is well worth acquiring -- get in touch with questions today, or sign up through us and we will have you covered in the same day.