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We're a lot like you. A little different.

PEMCO is the local company dedicated to Northwest residents. Our customers come first, because insurance is about what you need, not what we want to sell. You can rely on our protection for your auto, home, and boat. You simply won't find better value or service for protecting your most valuable assets.

We're different – we know you because we are you. We drive the same roads, weather the same storms, share the same neighborhoods, attend the same schools, and support the same charities. That's why choosing PEMCO gives you greater peace of mind. We hope you never need to use us, but if you do, we'll take care of you like no one else can.

Innovation is in our name

The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies has always lived up to its name by being one step ahead of the insurance industry, and finding new and affordable insurance solutions. We began in 1937 with the first drive-in claims office, became the first to introduce reduced rates for low-risk drivers, and then changed the insurance shopping experience by offering comparison rates on the Web.

Progressive continues to find better ways to serve you with our new and personalized Snapshot® program and our Name Your Price® car insurance shopping option.

Protecting What Matters Since 1923

Safeco has been protecting individuals and families with personal insurance coverage since 1923. When it comes to some of your biggest investments, like your home, car or maybe even your boat, we know that trust matters. From the smallest fender-bender to a storm-damaged home, we're standing ready at life's trying moments. Safeco is here for you at any time and any day of the week.

With a comprehensive range of insurance coverage and expert advice from local independent agents, we make it simple to protect what's important to you and easy to get the best mix of coverage and pricing.

At Safeco Insurance, we promise to make it easy for you, to provide the coverage you need, to connect you with local agents who offer personal advice, and – most of all – to be there for you.

GeoVera Means Faith In The Earth

Faith…That's what it's really all about, isn't it? Knowing that you'll be OK in the event of a disaster. That's why we created GeoVera. We are a market leader in providing innovative and competitively-priced residential insurance products. GeoVera is an admitted insurance carrier and is licensed by the Departments of Insurance in California, Hawaii, Oregon, and Washington.

Our products include:
  • Residential Earthquake Insurance – available in California, Oregon and Washington
  • Residential Windstorm Hurricane – available in Hawaii

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